Fear comes in many flavors and situations. In business, the fear of failure is very obvious in most situations. But the fear of success is usually buried in our psyche. We all have had to push through the obvious fears, like asking someone on a date or possibly the fear of making a mistake when pricing a type of job we’ve never done before. The discomfort that is obvious in these situations is very easy to label.

  The fear of success is, in most cases, masked as many other things. I think Harvey Mackay in this post makes the point that when he states that many fears stem from “the desire for approval from other people.” Success, and especially continued success, is often resented rather than supported and celebrated by sometimes even friends and family. The fear of success may be rooted in thoughts of being pushed out of a circle of friends or being thought of differently by the people you care about, which is much harder to label as fear. Having recently celebrated Independence Day, think of the fear our country’s founding fathers must have feltas they put everything including their lives and their family’s lives on the line in order to create a world they had never seen before. The naysayers are very strong today, so I can only imagine how strong they were at that time. Enjoy the read.