Self-Review: Mastering the Art of Consistency

In this article there are two points that stand out to me. One, that consistency without disruption becomes routine. This can be taken in different ways. In business it could be for non-core activities, such as billing, or other tasks we strive for that are routine. Where we need to watch out is when routine settles into the core competencies of our business. When this happens, we run the risk of losing the edge or uniqueness of our offering. Many employees feel we shouldn’t fix what isn’t broken, but from time to time it’s a good idea to shake it up.

The second point, or activity that I find useful as a regular practice,e is a 90 day self-review. Whwereas a recession is defined as two consecutive quarters with negative growth, I would say that two2 consecutive 90-day review periods without change or movement should be alarming.  Enjoy the read….