Technology: Friend or Foe?

   As an avid business / self-help reader I have come across several of Brian Tracy’s books and articles. Most are quick reads and get directly to the point. The most recent I read was his book, “Eat That Frog,” which is stated to provide 21 ways to stop procrastinating. I see the book as brief highlights of many of the topics that have been covered over and over again, and which I have personally incorporated into my life and personal processes over time. Speaking to many people and a generally much younger and tech-savvy generation, I feel that two chapters may not completely fit my earlier statement. The chapters are titled “Technology is a terrible master,” followed by “Technology is a wonderful servant.”  With so many younger people growing up without ever not knowing knowing a moment without technology, and my generation seeing technology making such profound changes, it is very easy for both age groups to think that building a better business today or “better mouse trap” will be based on better technology.  This is misleading as most successful ventures are based on fundamentals that have nothing to do with technology. Technology definitely has its place as long as you use it to support your core ideas or mission and not become a servant to it. Well enough about me. Here is something different for you to enjoy; a YouTube clip with a brief introduction to the book and concept, to encourage you to buy the book. Enjoy the watch.