I believe that many contractors go into business for themselves so they can write their own rules.  But what I see is that many just end up working more hours and making less money.  You need to stay positive and build some new habits when starting out on your own as it is a massive task. However, it is also one that can be extremely rewarding. I came across the below article in the Winter 2018 edition of SUCCESS magazine. I hope you enjoy it. Bill D.


What personal habits would you like to change? Be they hone, work or health related. I bet you would see value in instilling some automatic practices that help you reach your goals.

Psychologists say the key to creating positive habits is to reduce your personal choices, the little excuses you make to allow yourself to wiggle out of exercise, for example, or ignore the gratitude journal you you’ve been meaning to keep. The simple workaround is to set rules for yourself, taking your own capacity to make bad decisions out of your hands. You already do this all the time, probably without realizing it. Maybe your rule is that, if you had two drinks, you don’t drive. Or that you don’t even look at your emails until 11:00am.  The results speak for themselves. In the former, you avoid making yourself a danger on the road. In the latter, you’re more productive in the morning.

To read the entire article, click here: https://www.success.com/the-key-to-creating-positive-habits/