Remembering the need to recognize and even celebrate small steps and successes increases your chances of reaching your ultimate goal exponentially. Admittedly not being one of the most physically fit individuals, and while nursing a major knee injury, I was encouraged to begin to cycle. I chose a several mile loop to begin my cycling venture and part of the route contained a mile long gradual uphill ride. I struggled with this section, unable to make it without stopping several times. I was envisioning the right hand turn at the top of the seemingly never-ending hill each morning as I attempted the climb.  My frustration built for weeks as I struggled with this section until I began to look at all the mail boxes. My goal switched, I no longer thought of the top of the hill, my focus became simply making it to the next mailbox without putting my feet down. With each mailbox I made I internally celebrated, before focusing  on the next one. This simple change in focus allowed me to make it up that seemingly unbeatable hill without stopping. After reflecting on this change and my successful conquering of the hill, I realized this is a business principal that I have been exposed to endlessly but neglect to regularly practice. Well, enough about my lack of physical endurance and on to the article. Enjoy the read and don’t forget to celebrate the small successes that lead to the ultimate success.