This article speaks to what we all do but rarely analyze, which is “self-talk.” We all have that inner voice that we reason with as we make decisions or evaluate situations. The recognition of how important the way we talk to ourselves impacts our life overall is worth much more time than the time we dedicate to it. I have regular conversations with co-workers as we talk our way through frustrations they are experiencing in their position or with a vendor or supplier. I also have these discussion regularly with my kids as they describe to me their interpretation of an issue or concern. My regular questions are focused on them reflecting on how they describe the issue and is it really as bad as they think, is there a positive that they can see, is the of anger the right choice or would positive focus and determination to fix the issue be a better choice?  Positive self-talk is 100% your choice. It’s a learned habit that takes practice and self-awareness. Reflect and choose the words you use to describe things to yourself carefully, because  the impact these words have are far reaching in a positive or negative way than you think. Enjoy the read.